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Common Fruit Imperfections

Its easy to mess-up a simple thing like a fruit.

First, at many grocery stores, fruits arrive in a premium state but soon look unappealing. That’s because when fruits are heaped for display, the fruits in the bottom are crushed and ripen too fast, or mis-handled by consumers who generally press the fruits at the top of the heap again and again with unwashed hands.

Second, since fruits are not manufactured in factories, there is a lot of variability in a box of fruits.The words "Farm Fresh" neither eliminates variability in characteristics nor imperfections.

Here are some common imperfections that one can find with fruits from :

  • Cosmetic Appeal: Fruits are densely packed in boxes. These boxes are moved around many times from farm to forklifts to pellets to trucks in changing weather conditions. Fruits get cuts when hit by corrugated box edges or by display shelf corner-edges. At retail stores, boxes are over-turned to quickly put it up for display, or packed into plastic bags and piled on top of another. Whether the fruit is in a box or a plastic bag, the weight of fruits will bruise others below it. Finally, the fruits have to survive consumers who rough it up quite a bit, repeatedly, in their zeal to select the best - even  human nails will impart small cuts and germs. 
  • Infestation: It is not unusual to find fruits where insects have successfully attacked it or dwelled in it for a while.
  • Discoloration: This can occur for many reasons including when the fruit faced weather extremes that thwarted or accelerated its normal ripening process.
  • Imperfect Shapes: Fruits can get squished into odd shapes during mis-handling and transport.