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About Us

This page is not just About Us but also about you!

First things first, Hollister Fruits was launched around July 2018 by Raj Doshi and Milan Shah. Raj is passionate about technology and building commercial appliances for frozen foods. Milan is equally passionate about highest of High-tech, a very successful entrepreneur and donor to causes, and his family distributes fruits in Kenya and London. Somehow, all this brought us together!

We know that Businesses, Owners, Executives and Office/Team Administrators/Managers work very hard to boost employee well-being and morale. Apropos, we think that a few moments with our Premium Fruits breaks the cycle of stress, and super-charges wellness. When employees feel content with their snack choices and quality, their enthusiasm and loyalty increases. Let us explain.

With today's deadlines and unending work, Corporations try many ways to improve team health and productivity. Corporations work hard to offer many alternatives to snacks, like fruits. Fruits are sourced by either hiring a Vendor, or delegating the job to an Office Manager. Vendors tend to want to fulfill orders in the least time. They buy from Distributors who can source large quantities. In all this 'big business' you are just another account, and the individual tastes of your Employees are just forgotten.  The situation ends-up with delivery of average fruits that look the same everyday,  are too unripe, or tastes like cardboard. On the other hand, if an Office Manager procurers fruits for the Office, then (s)he could end-up spending a lot of time trying to find Premium fruits, on a consistent basis.

This is appalling because there is an abundance of great fruit! And it takes so much time to find it.

So, we decided to provide irresistible fruit choices to help employee and their Companies transition to more healthier snacks. We sourced fruits that had widest range of tastes and textures. Fruits that were filling to create a sense of satisfaction. Fruits that were aromatic and appealing so that the employee enjoys the experience of considering it as a snack.

Whether you order 100 fruits or 10,000 fruits, we wanted to provide fruit that was more-or-less picture perfect. Fruits that invited the employee to touch them, hold them, smell them, connect with this Nature’s gift, get excited enough to forget the grind in the zoo, focus on the fruit, and eat it like a child. 

Hollister Fruits mission is to help employees connect with Divine gifts and experience contentment. No other fruit supplier will promise that. Try us today! While you are here, might as well take a peek at what your peers think.

Lastly, we deeply respect your trust and business. We never want you to feel we could have done a little more, but didn’t. So, we continue to think of ways to prove our gratitude. To start, we promise to give all our first-time subscribers their first box for free. Secondly, if any fruits don’t meet your expectations, we will refund the money for the bad fruits, or give you twice as many in the next delivery. Thirdly, to work with us you are in control, that is, neither a commitment nor a contract is required. You can pause, stop and re-start your subscription as you need to. Lastly, we try to creatively deliver surprises to our subscribers every so often.

You will absolutely love our Fresh Fruit Pack®. So why not try us out today?!

One last point. Do you like how we think, and how it could help your company? Well, we have more perspectives to share with you from time to time. So while you are here, why not sign-up to our newsletter!